FAQs About Hiring Piano Movers

15 December 2020
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One of the hardest parts of having a piano is moving that piano. You may be able to get it from one room to another on your own, but if you need to move it to a different home, that is another story! In most cases, you'll want to hire a professional piano moving company to tackle this task for you. Here are some questions that piano owners often have about hiring such a company.

What makes piano moving companies better than typical movers?

Hiring a standard moving company is often cheaper than hiring piano movers, so why not just do that? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, pianos have to be moved very carefully. You cannot tip them or jostle them. They need to be under climate-controlled conditions all of the time. Pianos are also unbalanced; the back of the instrument is heavier than the front, which makes it hard to carry in a typical manner. Piano moving companies employ movers who have been specifically trained with tactics to lift and move pianos without shifting them. They also have the right equipment for the job, from specialized dollies to climate-controlled moving trucks. It's worth paying more for these benefits because they are what keep your piano in good shape.

How can you find a piano moving company?

This is a bit of a specialized service, so it can be harder to find a piano moving company than a standard moving company. If you're not having luck finding piano movers in your city, here are two other approaches to take.

1. Call a music store in your area. Chances are, they have some connections and can point you in the right direction. Some piano vendors offer piano moving services on the side.

2. Call local moving companies. Even if they do not offer piano moving services, they may know of companies that do.

What does a "full-service" piano move include?

When you do find a piano moving company in your area, you'll likely see them advertise what's known as a "full-service piano move." Basically, this means the moving company will handle everything, including:

  • Wrapping up and protecting the piano
  • Loading it in the moving truck
  • Driving to the destination
  • Unloading the piano
  • Unwrapping the piano
  • Tuning the piano and checking for any damage

A full-service piano move is often your best choice. Let the movers handle each step for the best results.

If you own a piano, it's usually only a matter of time before you need to have it moved. Now you know a bit more about that process, so you can approach it feeling prepared.