3 Important Reasons To Invest In Heavy Duty Storage Bins For Your Bakery

28 January 2018
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The bakery business may seem all about sugary confections and freshly baked goods to the outside world. However, as the owner of a business like this, you know that a lot goes into making those delectables come to fruition, right down to how you store items in the back. If you have not yet invested in heavy duty plastic storage bins, like the ones from Quantum Storage, for your bakery, it is definitely a good idea. Here are a few reasons why. 

Prevent problems with pests getting into your packaging supplies. 

In any foodservice setting, pests are a huge concern. Even if you do manage to keep the facility free from mice or rodents, you can still have issues with those smaller pests like gnats and ants because they are naturally attracted to sugary food items and certain smells. If these pests make their way into your packaging storage areas, it can be a disastrous situation that leaves you with a bad reputation in the eyes of customers. By keeping your bakery packaging supplies sealed in plastic storage bins, you will never have to worry that a stray gnat or ant has managed to get into a pastry box where it can cause a scene. 

Avoid issues with airbrush overspray coating supplies. 

Airbrushing with food coloring has become one of the most common ways to add decorative detail to cakes and even decorated pastries. However, airbrushing can be extremely messy. Because the food coloring is lightweight, it tends to drift around in whatever space it is being used. This overspray can land on your bakery packages, other decorating supplies, and anything else that is in close proximity. Add a few storage bins with airtight lids to the space where you typically use your airbrushing equipment, and you will have a place to safely tuck away anything that you do not want to be left with discoloration. 

Eliminate problems with lacking storage space. 

If you do not have a lot of space in your bakery for storage, it can leave you needing to take advantage of every square inch you have available. heavy-duty plastic storage bins are ideal for these situations because they are designed to be stackable. This means that you can stack several bins on top of each other to take advantage of all vertical space available without using a lot of floor space. The bins are also available in many different sizes, so you can order just what you need to work with what space you have.