Preparing For A Big Move? Here Are The 2 Top Types Of Moving Supplies That Most People Never Even Think About!

4 February 2018
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When you're planning a move things tend to get incredibly busy, even if you're going to have the help of a professional moving company on moving day. The preparation period leading up to the actual moving day is when the bulk of the work is done -- but many people make things harder than they really have to be. If you tackle the preparation period using the essential moving supplies below, you'll feel more than ready for the big move when the day comes.

Look Beyond Plain Boxes

While plain square boxes can serve you well in some cases, they just aren't right for everything that you're going to be transporting in the upcoming move. Avoid picking up lightweight freebie boxes for use during the move unless you plan to use them only for very lightweight objects. The boxes offered by your moving company are a better choice: they're specially designed to bear larger loads, and the boxes are even labeled with weight limits in some cases. You can also get moving boxes in special sizes and shapes, including: 

  • Extra tall boxes for your longer possessions
  • Wardrobe boxes for clothing, complete with hanging bars
  • Extra heavy corrugated boxes for your heaviest possessions
  • Layered boxes for things like dishes
  • Boxes designed specifically for flat screen televisions 

Speak with your moving company at least a week or two ahead of the move if possible so you can arrange delivery of the boxes you'll need. It will make things much easier on moving day if you have everything securely and neatly packed in appropriately sized boxes.

Give Your Back a Rest

One of the most common ways that people hurt their back is by lifting and moving heavy objects. This means you're especially vulnerable during a move -- even if you think that those boxes don't look too heavy at all. Consider a moving dolly or hand truck rental from your local moving company. It can really make life easier as you pack, move, and lift things.

Since you'll likely be prepping for the move for at least a week, you might end up being very sore -- or even being sidelined -- by moving day if you don't use caution. A moving dolly or hand truck allows you to move the newly packed boxes into the appropriate areas with ease, and it even allows you to shift larger pieces of furniture around without hurting yourself. 

Ready For the Big Move?

Just a few simple additions -- a variety of boxes and a moving dolly -- can really make your move prep easier. Moving doesn't have to be stressful any longer, so contact your moving company today to find out what types of moving supplies they offer!