Are You Facing A Move?

6 February 2018
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Is your company moving you to a new city? Perhaps you have decided, independently of your work, that you would rather move to a new town or city. For whatever reason that you are facing a move to a different location, from organizing your home to getting professionals to pack and move your belongings, here are some ideas that might help your move to be a smooth one.

Get Rid Of Stuff - One of the best parts about getting ready for a move is that it's almost like a new beginning when it comes to home organization. Just think: you'll probably be moving into a nice clean home that has totally empty rooms, totally empty drawers and closets, and even a totally empty garage. Think about getting your family together to explain to them what that emptiness means. Help your kids to visualize rooms that are free of clutter. Hopefully that will inspire everybody in your family to get rid of stuff.

In fact, this might be the perfect time to plan a garage sale. Tell the kids that all of the money that comes from the sale of their belongings will be their own money. Or announce that the money from the garage sale will be used for a special family outing. Also, remind everybody that the packers from the moving company will probably be packing everything in sight. That means that an old, beat up lunch box might be packed with everything that was left inside it.

Get Ready For Moving Day - Be ready for the big day - moving day. If you have little ones, consider asking a friend or family member if your children can stay with them on the day the packers will arrive. Think about having a chart that shows where everything goes. For example, on the chart, indicate which furniture goes into the family room. That will mean that the moving company will not accidentally place the elegant sofa in the family room instead of in the living room. Have one chart that will be at your present house and another chart that will be used when the movers arrive at your new location.

Don't forget to leave out things you will need immediately. For example, think of placing bed linens and towels in your car so they'll be readily accessible once you are in the new house. And consider keeping things like a favorite teddy bear or a favorite blanket aside for your children.